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 Simplify360 selected in the CRM Idol 2013

Simplify360 selected in the CRM Idol 2013

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CRM Idol is an annual competition that provides CRM industry related small businesses an opportunity for exposure, resources and advice that would otherwise be unavailable to them. We are happy to announce that we have been selected as a contestant in this global event.

Well, after some delay, and a significant number of entrants who were eliminated, we are now ready – and proud – to announce the 2013 field of CRM Idol contestants!!
We had to eliminate several of the entrants – a fair amount actually – due to reference check failures. We take the references seriously which is why we put out this year’s rules, we made it clear that all the entrants should make sure they contacted the references before we started to do so.  Several apparently didn’t do that and no references checked out and in some cases, the entrants themselves remained non-responsive.  So there were more eliminations than ever before.
This means that the survivors, the official contestants…wow…this is a great lot  and all the makings of an exciting contest this year are in place. What’s nice is there is a mix of repeat contestants and new ones. Fresh and experienced.
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