Simplify360 Reloaded!

simplifymakeover¬†First Simplify360 was cool, now it is awesome! ūüėÄ
We have introduced some really wonderful features which now places us in the mixed limelight¬†of¬†“simplicity” and “innovation”.¬†We are super excited to announce some of the most requested features and¬†we hope you enjoy¬†using them¬†as much we enjoyed developing them.
Twitter Account Measurement Much Improved Now!
1. Ability to view complete analytics even for competitive accounts.
2. User profile for RTs/Mentions.
3. Tweets Reaction: shows the reaction type for the tweets made incorporated!
The feature can be accessed by adding your account like you have been adding any other¬†channel under “Manage Channels”.
Account Usage Tracking!
We bring you an integrated overview of your account with user wise details. The feature is¬†accessible only to “Owner” and “Admin” roles and can be accessed under Admin >> Packaging.

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