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 [Simplify360 Product Upgrade] Send secured message on Twitter and many more

[Simplify360 Product Upgrade] Send secured message on Twitter and many more

We are announcing some major upgrades to Simplify360 product which we have been testing for last few weeks.

Simplify360 Product Upgrade V 3.1

Your favourite social media monitoring tool just got better. Take a quick dive and check out the latest features, which make your social media experience truly simplified.

Major Upgrades

Custom Dashboard Templates:
Users now receive the flexibility to create their own dashboards and define the metrics from the list. This helps in easy and customized reporting.

Social Media Custom Dashboard Creation

Google+ Public Data & Pages:
Messages for the profiles can be tracked from Google+ Pages and also from Google+ public data. Responses can now be made to posts and comments which are tracked from Google+ pages.
To add the Google+ page for the profile, edit the profile and navigate to social channels tab. Only pages with administrator access can be added here.
Google+ pages can also be added to the application from Administration à Manage Accounts à Google+ pages, where more options to manage the pages are available.
Long Messages & Locked Responses:
Replies can be sent with more than 140 characters by using the option “Long tweet”. When “Long Message” is turned on, the response is sent as a URL, where users can view the entire message by following the URL.
Responses made can be protected by turning the “Locked” option ON. This will send the response as a URL. Validation with the right account is required to see the locked response i.e. only the intended user can see the reply. Locked responses are currently available only for Twitter and Facebook.
Social Media Publisher
Twitter Analytics (Alpha):
Twitter analytics has been modified to provide more effective insights and also a fresh look for the same has been incorporated. Competitor accounts are shown in the main page and can be added and managed directly from here.

Other Upgrades

Improved Engagement Console:
Apart from bug fixes, the engagement console has received a makeover with a new look and feel. The improvements are not just cosmetic, however, and even receives a boost in terms of performance.
Keyword Profile Layout:
The keyword profile dashboard has been modified. Now, the volume consumed for a profile can be monitored only by users with Owner/Admin role, under “Admin”
Keyword Profile Creation:
Tabs have been introduced while creating/editing profiles. This makes it easier for users to reach the required tabs quickly. Its now much easier for users to add channels for tracking. Sharing a profile with team members are much easier and up front.
Settings Tab:
Template settings, Manage Alerts, Manage Tags and Profile Sort Order are now provided under the “Settings” tab.
Sorting Profiles:
Profiles can be sorted as per the users’ requirements which will help them access the profiles faster. Profiles need to be dropped in the required order and should be saved to see the changes reflected.
Filters Related To Messages & Workflow:
The interface for the application of filters has been changed. In-addition to the filters related to messages, filters related to workflows have also been implemented in the ‘Messages’ section.
Workflow Integration Into The Messages Section of Keyword Profiles:
Workflow has now been integrated into messages. Workflow actions can be taken directly from the ‘Messages’ section of a profile.
Save Queries:
Users can now save frequently used filters and access it directly from the Side Bar. The saved filters can be named, saved and are shown below messages.
Workflow History:
Workflow Audit of the messages can now be accessed from within the ‘Messages’ section itself.
Reply All:
Replies can be sent to multiple twitter accounts mentioned in the tweets.
Reply Screen Interface Layout:
The look and feel of the Reply Screen interface has been changed.
Acknowledgement Notifications:
UI changes in the Notifications section have been added to make it more user friendly.
Unlimited Manual Tags:
Users can now create unlimited manual tags. A limit on creating tags will be applied only if auto tagging is enabled.
New Workflow Graphs:
Seven new workflow related graphs have been introduced for a better analysis of workflow actions.  These can be added in custom dashboard templates.
Note: The graphs look and feel might change depending on improvements and upgrades being carried out on the system.
Ticketing System for Workflow Actions:
When a message is assigned to workflow, a ticket ID will be generated for the action and it will be displayed next to the message. Messages can be searched for by their ticket numbers using the “Sub-query” filter.
Format to sub-query for the ticket id is:  “ticketID:1234567890”
Assigned by me, Admin Queue & Assigned to me:
Assigned by me: This sub-tab displays the messages assigned by the user who is currently logged in. This is available for Owner/Admin
Admin Queue: This sub-tab displays the messages which have been assigned to any admin of the team. This is available only for Owner/Admin
Assigned to me: This sub tab shows the messages assigned to member access users. This is available in the team member’s account
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