Simplify360 Product Update : Dashboard customisation and Salesforce integration for CRM

This week, we have introduced a couple of new features and some enhancements in the system.

Simplify360 SalesForce Integration

One of our biggest objective is to make Simplify360 a complete solution which offers you the flexibility to do all that you would want to do with social data. We have introduced Salesforce integration and are one step closer to what we envision a Social CRM system should be.
Some highlights:

  • Ability to create leads from Simplify360 for your Salesforce account
  • Ability to create Cases from Simplify360 to your Sales account


Customize those dashboards

Everyone’s requirements are different and we want you to be able to extract the exact information you seek and not show you what we think you need. Custom dashboards allow you to do just that.

This week onwards, you will see a little more flexibility in setting up your templates.

Improved UI

We know design is a very personal choice and we hope we can cater to different taste by enhancing the user experience. We would continue to innovate in this direction and we hope you dont have to worry about buttons and focus on conversations and intelligence.


A few other things which we have thrown in

  • Advanced keyword setup while setting up your profile (Contact your account manager to know more)
  • Now you don’t need to create the same tag’s across profiles, you can simply import tags from one profile to another.

If you are interested to try your hands on it. You can request for a Free Demo or contact us at

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