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 Simplify360 Partners with Manthan to build next Gen-Digital Solution for Retail

Simplify360 Partners with Manthan to build next Gen-Digital Solution for Retail

Bangalore, 17 July 2015: Social Business Intelligence leader Simplify360 partners with Manthan, a leader in Retail Analytics to build the next-gen Digital CRM and Intelligence Solution for the Retail Industry.
Following the partnership, Simplify360 has integrated with Customer360 – Manthan’s signature Customer Analytics Platform. With the new solution, retailers can complement consumer behaviour data with social data, and gain 360-degree customer intelligence. Retailers will be able to draw upon actionable customer intelligence across all channels of communications.
Commenting on the partnership, Anand Sri Ganesh, SVP and Business Head Customer Analytics Manthan says, “We are excited about this partnership as we can now map customer journey end to end.”
Simplify360 helps in listening to the social buzz, filtering the noise and building a highly relevant social stream. The stream can be about the brand, competition or the trending industry topic.The data is collected, processed and profiled at the author level. This profiled data is then merged to the internal customer data, thus providing a unified customer profile.
The Customer Data which sits in the Customer Intelligence Framework of Manthan is enriched with the natural customer voice which is captured in the online space. Customer360 then enables retailers to build their communications strategy, and then implement and measure the performance of their activities in a seamless way.
Speaking about the partnership, Simplify360 Chief Analytics Officer Bhupendra Khanal says, “Retail is the top priority industry for us this year, and there could be no better way to do it than partnering with Manthan.”
Retailers have very limited customer data and most of the data is limited to phone number, email ids and transaction history. This is a big issue for retailers who are facing e-commerce competitors with access to rich customer data.
The Manthan-Simplify360 partnership addresses this problem and enriches the customer data using the social trail of the customer. With access to 360-degree customer intelligence, retailers will now be able to:
1. Build marketing and product strategy based on customer intelligence
2. Run highly targeted ads and gain better ROI
3. Run campaigns to highly focused consumer segments
Simplify360 Vice President and Head of Alliance Neil Barman says, “For retailers today, business starts and ends with the customer, and lack of an intelligent data and analytics practice is hurting their businesses.”
He further adds, “Now with this partnership we can combine a huge data source with a strong analytics practice to establish a complete customer centric approach.”
About Simplify360
Simplify360 is the world’s leading Social Business Intelligence Company. The company’s offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for Enterprises.
The company serves over 200 brands including ITC Foods, Mahindra Retail, Toyota, Yamaha,  Viacom18, Star TV, Bacardi, and Spar Hypermarket to name a few.
Contact Simplify360:
Twitter: @Simplify360
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About Manthan
Manthan is the Chief Analytics Officer for consumer industries worldwide. Manthan’s portfolio of analytics-enabled business applications, advanced analytics platforms and solutions are architected to help users across industries walk the complete data-to-result path – analyze, take guided decisions and execute these decisions real-time. Sophisticated, yet intuitive analytical capability coupled with the power of big data, mobility and cloud computing, brings users business-ready applications that provide on-demand access and real-time execution – the only path to profit in a contemporary, on-demand and connected economy. Manthan is one of the most awarded analytics innovators among analysts and customers alike – with over 170 customers across 21 countries. To see how your business can gain from analytics, Visit

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