Simplify360 now allows you to keep track of LinkedIn Conversations

Conversations are happening every where and this is creating a huge challenge for Social Media Managers to keep track of all the conversations. Especially with sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where the nature of conversations are very different, shifting between sites are cumber some and inefficient.
Simplify360 can now allow you to keep track of all your group discussions in one place. It provides simple and intuitive way to connect your LinkedIn group and bring all your conversations in one place.
Below are some of the screen-shots from the tool:

Simple Account Connection using secure LinkedIn Authentication
Easy to manage all your LinkedIn Group Profiles
Simple drop-down menu for Filtering conversation from LinkedIn

One click reply button to engage with the conversation from the LinkedIn.
If you are interested to try out the demo of the product please feel free to contact us at or simply click on the link here.

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