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 Simplify360 launches Tumblr Integration

Simplify360 launches Tumblr Integration

Simplify360’s just launched its Version 4.2.
We have integrated Tumblr to the existing platforms.
With the new Tumblr integration, we assure you better and more conversations tracking.
Posts from Tumblr will be tracked from Tumblr public posts and public conversations will be tracked based on tags created on Tumblr.
In addition to tracking public blog posts, admin Tumblr blogs can also be added so that each post by the blog added can be monitored.
Tumblr public blog posts can be viewed either in the messages live stream or by applying “Tumblr Public Blogs”.
To view the posts only by the added Tumblr blogs, it can be filtered by selecting the required blog.
For details you may reach us at and request for a webinar.

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