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 Simplify360 Launches Next-Generation Social Media Contact Centre 2.0 for BPO

Simplify360 Launches Next-Generation Social Media Contact Centre 2.0 for BPO


With rapidly changing relationships between customers and businesses, the BPO industry is having difficulties in adapting with the new ways of communicating with customers. As the manpower increases, the over-head costs increase at an exponential rate.
“It’s strange to see many BPO firms who still use spreadsheets and email notes to manage their online queries. I think that’s old school and waste of time.” Bhupendra Khanal CEO Simplify360 added, “The challenge is to identify the crisis within the nick of time and respond quickly. No email notes exchange and manual recording of tasks. Simplify360 is a tool which handles all from a single platform and does all the work.”
Simplify360 has already been working with global BPO centres and have implemented the solution with success. The solution has helped to bring down the cost and response time by 80%. Read the case study on how BPO companies automate their scrm using Simplify360.
The platform helps to bring out clear visibility among the responsible stakeholders in the company about the status of the tasks, online issues and team’s performance. Managers will not have to dig deeper into the stacks of emails and excels to generate report to understand the performance and issues. They simply have to access the real-time BPO centre dashboards of Simplify360 where the manager can see all activities at once.
Moreover, the platform is a pain killer for all the customer support teams who previous had to scour over the web to identify negative complaints and find out that it’s too late to respond. Using the tool, the agents can simply provide the relevant keywords and relax. Simplify360 will do all the hard work and number crunching for the agents. As soon as new issue or case is identified, an email is triggered to the agents who can then assign it to different team members. The follow-up process is more interesting when done through Simplify360. With a click of a button, agents can see all the pending tasks and get it done.
Simplify360 Contact Centre 2.0 has much more interesting features design to make the BPO’s operations more smooth and efficient.
Simplify360 was selected as a one of the top participants in the recent CRM Idol 2013.

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