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 Simplify360 launches the advanced version of Social Media Search

Simplify360 launches the advanced version of Social Media Search

New Advanced Search will enable marketers to drill down social media data based on author, website, note, ticket ID and multiple tags created by the users. This will allow marketers to find what they are searching for more quickly and accurately.
Simplify360, a leading social business intelligence firm, announced Advanced Search for its social media listening platform, which enables marketers to deep dive into social media data. With the proliferation of social media data, social media listening tools return huge volume of unmanageable data. Analyzing these data and generating actionable insights is a challenging task for business. Simplify360, which has a strong customer base of more 100 clients globally, aims to solve this problem by taking social media listening to the next level.
Most social media listening tools provide one-dimensional search, which is keyword based. This search is mostly carried out on conversations only and not on the context of the conversations. What marketers and analysts are looking for is more of a contextual search based on the Meta data generated automatically or manually by the users. The advanced search functionalities will enable users to not just search on conversations but also across other properties of the conversations like notes, authors etc.
In the present day of digital age, every brand wants to keep a track of ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ people are talking about their brand. In addition to a host of useful insights provided by Simplify360, now you will be able to filter conversations from a specific user. In other words, users will be able to pick out conversations with pinpoint precision. Users will be able to quickly see the results they want to see with lesser efforts.
“We always keep our users at the forefront. Most of the added functionality and features in our product have been based on user feedback and input. We strongly believe in user centric design”, said Rohit Gupta, CTO at Simplify360. “This will help our clients see the results they wanted to see instantly” he added.
The ‘search within the search’ option allows brands to look for messages from a specific user, from a specific website and with specific keywords in relation to their existing social media listening. This is also helpful for contact center environment that provides social CRM solution to search for notes and comments added to the social conversations. This will help them easily follow up on cases with the ability to search on specific ticket ID raised by customers.

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