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 Simplify360 launches a Social Media Buzz report on Smartphones in India.

Simplify360 launches a Social Media Buzz report on Smartphones in India.

People are always looking for relevant information in the internet. If there is one thing that internet has made easy, then it surely is the access of information. Social Media has taken that access of information into new level of transaction of information and conversation in real-time.

Smatphone Report in IndiaPeople are now not only searching for information but they are also asking questions in open forums and platforms such as Twitter, Blog and Facebook to get relevant information. One such category which receives most queries is the comparison of electronic gadgets such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. With huge array of brands and features to choose from, people are always seeking for accurate review on smarpthones. Hence, we decided to look into the matter closely through our simplify360 and gain insightful information.

There are many blog posts and review portal listing out the best smartphones in india, or the top 10 smarpthones in India. But every list is just vague assumption of the writer. As a result, most people end up complaining for the brand on the same open platforms. We have found through our research that there are some specific attributes of smartphone that gets more negative feedbacks than any.

The research report also looks into the comparison of different smartphone brands in India and people’s perception towards them.

If you are a market researcher than you might find this report insightful for your work, if you are a brand manager than you might find the attributes relevant to your campaigns and if you are simply a consumer you might find the report helpful in knowing what people are usually complaining about and what should you look at before buying the smarphone.

You can download the Smartphone Research Report for free here.