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 Simplify360 integrates with for managing Social CRM

Simplify360 integrates with for managing Social CRM

CRM integration helps bring sales and marketing teams closer
Simplify360, a leading Social Business Intelligence company, announced their integration with This integration will allow Simplify360 customers to export social conversations to their Salesforce account as a Lead or Case, thereby closing the loop of Social CRM.
As social media is being implemented across the business functions, it has become important for professionals to integrate their traditional enterprise softwares with their social media activities. By combining Simplify360’s big data analytics to CRM Integration, professionals will now be equipped with an end-to-end solution for their social media initiatives.
Salesforce Integration
BhupendraKhanal, CEO, Simplify360 on the integration said that: “Simplify360 believes in enabling companies transform themselves to become a Social Enterprise. This can only be achieved through proper integration of Social Media with their core business functions. CRM Integration helps bring sales and marketing teams closer, and work with the CIO Office. This is also one step closer towards our dedication to assist Enterprises by solving real business problems.”
Social CRM in itself is not a new technology or a break-through. It is simply an action of engaging with customers across multiple online platforms. But unlike traditional channels, these are public forums where the complaints and feedbacks are open for discussions and validations.
Thereby, the proliferations of social media channels are posing a huge challenge for traditional customer support/sales teams to handle, as they are not equipped with proper tools. Simplify360 is focused to solve this problem through Salesforce and other similar integrations in future.
Rohit Gupta, CTO, Simplify360 added: “Integration with is a step towards providing an integrated data environment, a seamless flow of data and intelligence between business functionalities.”

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