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 How Simplify360 Helps Relieve the Social Media Pain

How Simplify360 Helps Relieve the Social Media Pain

The world we live in today, the value of supply meets demand cannot be underestimated. With India serving as the conduit for the digital revolution, we are extremely ill equipped to handle a seemingly infinite influx of  customers. With more customers, come more problems and to handle those problems, you need a dedicated task force that needs to be on hand to solve the issue at hand.
So, let’s imagine a scenario as to how customer care support works:
Client has a problem. He/she contacts customer care support, a complaint is registered, a technician is contacted who in turn, gets in touch with the client about the issue. A few hours later, the client is satisfied and things go back to being all rosy again.
How one wishes this was the way it always worked out!
Because there are so many complaints flying in every 5 to 10 minutes or so, it becomes physically impossible for a single Customer Care executive to track, respond and close each case, manually. The suggesion of more hands on deck is a simple yet effective one, but that results in excessive budget fall outs due to excessive hiring which will in no doubt cause the company to bleed more than it earns.
And that’s where social media steps in, like it has done countless times since its inception.
Social Media has made our lives simpler, easier and much more accessible. With the advent of Social Media Listening Tools, the face of customer care support changed forever.
Twitter and Facebook have become hotspots for customers to express their feelings and until now, there hasn’t been a proper plan to listen to those issues and to handle them effectively.
But now with nearly every business entity having an online presence on atleast one of the aforementioned platforms, it has given the brand a face that people can relate to.
It’s been a route that several bigwigs from the telecom industry has taken to great effect.
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With the Simplify360 tool, organizing your customer’s problems becomes easier. There is a dedicated manager, combing through the complaints, classifying them into different categories, organizing pre-mediated response templates that assure the customers that help is on the way. An internal team looks into the complaint list and proceeds to take action so that the customer has a pleasant experience and as they say, a happy customer is a loyal one.
The formula has always been fairly simple.It’s just that we haven’t been looking hard enough.
 Be. Listen. Track. Repeat.
Tools are the first step in a technology revamp that we haven’t even dreamed of. We at Simplify360, understand and acknowledge that fact and as always we’re constantly looking to the future to see what it may hold.  Whatever it maybe, we’re sure as hell excited to find out.

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