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 Simplify360 & The Economic Times – Social Media Coverage – Indian Elections 2014

Simplify360 & The Economic Times – Social Media Coverage – Indian Elections 2014

Social Media has given voice to the voiceless, and now its vibes can be felt in every channel’s newsroom and even in the Indian Parliament House.
So here we are, teaming up with the prestigious business daily, The Economic Times, with full coverage of every build up and action happening around India Loksabha Elections 2014.
We are making it possible for everyone to know which leader is most talked about, which political party is creating maximum buzz, how the favourites are performing, what are the odds of a leader to win the elections, powered with other insightful metrics, our exclusive social media analysis report will be a one stop destination for anyone who is interested in knowing the next set of leaders India will be getting in the month of May, next year.

What’s on the table – Social Media Analysis & Report?

Summary Report
This section talks about trends, popular politicians, what’s hot in the Indian political circuit and lots of interesting insights like strategies and performance measurement of every party’s social media campaigns. It also covers a quick insight into what favorites are saying and how they are influencing the masses.
Detailed Monthly Report
Once you have this report in your hands, one can just relax as it will take care of every minute aspect of India Loksabha Elections 2014 and not only this, it will provide  the following stats;

  1. Top trending topics for the previous month.
  2. Complete ranking of politicians and parties.
  3. Complete buzz analysis on the top Politicians being talked about.
  4. Find out sentiment towards Politicians region and demographic wise.
  5. Influencers on social media driving the conversations.


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