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 Simplify360 Brings Social Media + Big Data Analytics in Cloud into Korean Market

Simplify360 Brings Social Media + Big Data Analytics in Cloud into Korean Market

“Simplify360 a leading social media management solution provider has launched social media and big data analytics solution for Korean market in local language. The company promises to bring the best industry practices in Korea. “

BANGALORE, INDIA, November 30, 2012 — Simplify360, the leading Social Media Management Platform for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement announces its entry into the Korean market with Vibenet, Korea as a strategic business partner.
The company launched the Korean version of its website site followed by the Analytics Engine in the local language. It became one of the few global tools providing Sentiment Analytics in Korean.

“Korea is a really interesting market for us to explore. Unlike in India or the US, Korea has many popular local networking sites, which have added new dimensions to our solution. But the synergy with our Korean partner has worked to our mutual benefit and we have been successful in tailoring our global solutions for the local market,” remarked Simplify360 CEO, Bhupendra Khanal. “The passion and aggression of our Korean partner goes hand-in-glove with our global mission. Enterprises, Media Agencies and SMBs can now avail of the best-in-class Simplify360 Social Media Analytics with local support.”
Sung W. Cho, President & Co-founder at Vibenet said, “Simplify360 provides very competitive solution features such as excellent dashboards, customer engagement and lead management capabilities. Above all, the entire Simplify360 solution platform is based on Big Data and an industry standard Java development foundation. Simplify360 also supports multiple languages, across multi-geographies.”
Mr Cho added, “With Simplify360, Vibenet will be able to support the global business needs as well as local requirements. We want to make sure that Simplify360 will be able to analyze the Korean language as well as, or better than any local Social monitoring solutions while providing a superior Big Data analysis platform and globally competitive features.”
Simplify360 has a presence in the United States, India, Netherlands and Malaysia. Besides English, the tool also provides its Sentiment Analyzer in Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese(Cantonese & Mandarin), Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.
About Simplify360: Simplify360 is a Social Media Management Application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement. It enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions.
About Vibenet: Vibenet has been founded by highly experienced professionals in both global and local business consulting in order to provide Social Media Management, Big Data Analysis and Digital Marketing solutions in Korea and across the Asia-Pacific region.

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