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 Simplify360 and Ridgehead Software Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Social Media Customer Care Solutions

Simplify360 and Ridgehead Software Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Social Media Customer Care Solutions

Bangalore, July 22nd, 2013:, Simplify360, a market leader of Social Marketing solutions for Customer organizations today announced a strategic partnership and alliance with Ridgehead Software, an industry leader in developing and integrating customer contact solutions. The partnership is poised to take knowledge management and customer service to the next level.
The partnership would enable customers to move away from the need to remember the company phone numbers, by combining Simplify 360’s big data analytics and in-premise CRM Integration solution with Ridgehead Software’s specialities in Knowledge Management and CRM s.
simplify360 and RidgeheadTraditionally, customer care organizations are single faceted in their dealings with customers, engaging with their clients in traditional channels such as: phone, email, chat and web interactions.  Companies take great pride in sharing their customer satisfaction scores with their customers and boasting about their quality scores, handle times, first call resolution, and other semi-important metrics based on traditional channels.
With the abundance of chatter on social networks there is a challenge on what customers are saying to a company, not about the about the company. Companies that ignore this dialog are running the risk of deluding themselves as. It is critical to observe both direct active interactions as well as the passive conversations that take place regarding their products, services and offerings.
Simplify360’s Social Media solution allows companies to listen to what their clients are saying, analyze the results and proactively act on what people are saying about you. Combining strengths, Simplify360 and Ridgehead Software are taking knowledge management and customer service to the next level.  Information managers meet information scientists!
Bhupendra Khanal, CEO, Simplify360 on the partnership said that: “The next generation customer care organization is going to be totally customer-centric.  Companies can no longer hide from what customers are saying about them.  Customer Service is the new marketing arm of a company”.
“The CRM Market is set to grow to 36 billion by 2017 according to Gartner and SAAS based solutions to contribute to 40% of this number”. He added
Simplify360 has a presence in the United States, India, The Netherlands, Korea, Nepal and Malaysia. Besides English, the tool also provides its Sentiment Analyzer in Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese(Cantonese & Mandarin), Bahasa Indonesia and Thai
About Simplify 360:  Simplify360 is a leading social business intelligence company. The company has physical presence in India and US, and have partners in APAC and Europe. The product is sold in over 100 countries directly or through partners.  Simplify360 provides integrated enterprise solutions; their latest offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for Enterprises. It enables businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis. Simplify360 is the fastest growing company in the industry and is invested by Amvensys Capital Group LLC, Atlanta, GA.
About Ridgehead, Inc. :  Ridgehead Software is a US based software development and integration company specializing in Knowledge (CMS) and Contact (CRM) management for organizations looking for high-touch customer engagement’s via the web, desktop applications and mobile devices.

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