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 Should Twitter worry over Facebook Hashtags?

Should Twitter worry over Facebook Hashtags?

First they changed their “Subscribe” button to “Follow” , then introduced a timeline, then introduced verified accounts and now they have introduced hashtags.
The words “Follow” , “Hashtag”, “Verified Accounts”, “TL” from the very beginning of social media revolution are synonymous with Twitter. Facebook’s decision of including hashtags will definitely impact the way people use the biggest social media platform.
Does this raise a concern for twitter?
Yes, because now users will be able to surf through massive information available on Facebook, as earlier most of the content used to be limited to user’s own personal network, but now with the inclusion of hashtags, the reach will definitely get amplified.
Though, the hashtags feature at the moment is not available for marketers, but it seem quite likely in future that Facebook would extend it to everyone for monetary gains.
Also, hashtags would further strengthen Facebook’s graph search, because “hashtags” reflect a greater degree of interest as compared to “Likes”, hence it will make content discovery more relevant and meaningful.

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