Scheduling Photo Upload to Twitter and Facebook comes to Simplify360

Recently, Twitter launched its photo sharing service which allowed user to directly use Twitter as a photo sharing platform rather than depending upon third party services such as twitpic, yforg. In addition, Twitter Profile was also enhanced to included the thumbnails of recently shared photos. Facebook has also been releasing upgrades to its photo sharing experience in terms of UI and api integration.

Now, through Simplify360, you can easily schedule your photo at any given time. This adds a huge benefit to marketing agencies who use interesting photos to engage with facebook and twitter community. Prior to this, most of the tools available could only schedule your updates with links or without links.

The new addition to boost the productivity  and help marketing agencies form a better photo sharing strategy with efficiency.

Here is how the system will perform :

1. System UI contains a simple camera icon where user can click to upload an image.

2. Choose the date/time and the profile through which the photo can be shared.

The photo will be automatically shared through the chosen channels. The maximum size of the image that can be shared is 4 MB.


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