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How to Scale Your Inbound Marketing Leads?

The ultimate goal, forever company is to increase their sales, how do brands achieve that is the actual question. While outbound reach out is one tried and tested method, it is also a hit or miss tactic to generate leads. Inbound marketing on the other hand drives more qualified leads, with higher conversion ratio. However, apart from the regular SEO tactics and promoted content what can you do to scale your Inbound Marketing hence encouraging more people to sign up for your product?

No Offers vs Offers

It is a given that offers attract more people, whether you are an ecommerce website or a brand that sells safety pins! In the case of B2B companies, you might be adding multiple call to action buttons to your pages – “Sign up”, “Request for demo”, “Talk to us” and more, and you still don’t see many conversions! It’s a sign, that it’s not enough to add call to action buttons, what you need to give your customers is exciting offers, which will compel them to compare you with brands selling comparable products as you do and choose you over them. This is especially effective for customers who are trying out the likes of your offerings for the first time or are finding it difficult to stick to their current product because they are costly.

More Landing Pages

Landing pages is the key to increasing inbound leads. If your website has more landing pages, you are one step closer to being more visible on google, that is, if you are doing it the right way. Landing pages have a way towards being appealing. If you have cluttered your landing page with too much information, unorganised content and misplaced images, nobody is going to look at it! It has been proven oven time; a typically successful landing page consists of less but organised and high value content. Even better if your content is divided into bullet points, pressing on the most important message you wish for your customers to know. This should be substantiated with a descriptive image of your product instead of yet another random image to boast authenticity.

Divide your offerings into multiple segments and create separate landing pages for each, apply the right offer to the right page. Do not forget to add enough call to action buttons to these pages, strategically places to grab eyeballs and you are good to go.

Navigation Strategy

If you want your customers to convert, do not allow them to navigate away from your page. If your home page/about us page/career page etc consists of social action buttons or buttons that take your customers to other pages of your website, great job done there! But, if you are deploying a landing page specifically for a special segment of your offerings, it’s a not a great idea to add navigation, as it takes away from the call to action and offers you have on that page.

Stay in Touch!

By this I don’t just mean add that button to your website to connect to your social, what I really mean is go live on email campaigns. Emails for the longest time have been the greatest way to sound serious while trying to stay in touch with your customers, don’t overdo it though. Email Marketing is one of the oldest ways to generate inbound leads, send emails with valuable information and send them only when necessary. If you are shooting bulks of emails on a regular basis to your customers, you will only end up in their spam folder. On the other hand, if you are sharing crucial information, new release information, upgrade information and the like, you are more likely to get more hits on the call to action button.

Content Marketing with an Organised Team

The first step towards generating inbound leads, is being visible on “Google Search”. To achieve this, you need to aggressively accelerate your content marketing endeavours. This however cannot be achieved by simply generating content which is not really make a difference in the sea of content. What you need is an organised content generation and marketing team, consisting of eminent writers, editors, proof readers, designers, marketing executives, marketing strategists, and more. The idea is to work on a professionally designed plan and not simply creating content and posting it without optimizing it to reap maximum benefit.

In fact, blogs, case studies, strategically designed websites, well planned landing pages should be tightly optimized and kept constant track of to understand what is working and what’s not. Getting better search results on Google also requires dedicated seeding and back linking on various spaces except from your own site. It all goes down to the more your website is visible to people the more leads you will gather.

Content Sharing

You might be producing some brilliant pieces of content, but if you are not marketing the right content the right way you are not going to generate leads out of it. To generate more inbound leads, gate your high value content. Also, strategically place your high value content on landing pages which receive high traffic. This works best for websites which already have slightly higher number of visitors.

Building a brand and content marketing goes hand in hand, however unlike other marketing processes, content marketing takes its time to generate results, so PATIENCE is the only way!