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 #SalmanVerdictDay: Fans Create Havoc on Social Media!

#SalmanVerdictDay: Fans Create Havoc on Social Media!

2002 did not turn out to be a great year for the handsome and dashing Salman Khan. Much known Bollywood star, and the man known for the 6 pack abs, was involved in more crimes than we imagine. However, as always money talks! Although he had been accused of the hit and run case back in 2002, the verdict had been pending until today.
After a much researched and detailed examination of the case, Salman Khan has been finally sentenced a period of 5 years in jail. Although Salman tried to defend the same saying his driver was behind the wheel and he is to be blamed for running over homeless people sleeping by the roadside, the judge cleared all doubts saying it was Salman Khan himself who committed the crime and also charged him for being under the influence of alcohol while the incident occurred.
With the outbreak of the news about Salman Khan’s verdict, his fans and people from all over the world took to social media to express their feelings about the final solution. Take a look at the infograph below to understand this better:

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