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 Saina Nehwal is a hot topic on social networking sites

Saina Nehwal is a hot topic on social networking sites

In our previous post we have written about how the buzz with Olympic 2012 is more than Cricket for a Cricket mania nation like India. We have also listed how each sportsperson representing India in the Olympic 2012 fared in social media.  We have written the buzz trend for Mary Kom. Thanks to Ankur Sharma for asking us.

Could it be dependent on the time and day her matches were happening vis-a-vis other Indian Olympians? Would love to see similar graph for Saina Nehwal too, if possible.

So, here is our analysis on whether there is any relation between the buzz and the time and day the matches were played.

Saina Nehwal Trend Social media

The following is the schedule of matches played by Saina Nehwal in Olympic 2012.

Group Stage Sunday, July 29 5:42 PM
Group Stage Monday, July 30 10:30 PM
Group of 16 Wednesday, August 1 10:30 PM
Quarter Final Thursday, Aug 2 6:02 PM
Semi Final Friday, Aug 3 12:00 PM
Third Place Saturday, Aug 4 4:30 PM

It can be observed that the conversation began to rise on July 29, the day when she played her first match. Though there were enough buzz right from the start of the game before her matches began, the rise is observable on her first match day. Subsequently the buzz began to rise and peaked on August 5 which is the day after she won the bronze medal.

Saina Nehwal Trend Social media

Some of the Congratulatory Tweets after she won the medal.