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 Role of a Social Media Campaign Manager

Role of a Social Media Campaign Manager

It’s no surprise that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have given rise to completely new industry which never existed before – Social Media Marketing. Right now, with the competition rising high and the share of online advertising budget increasing more than before, the relevance of online community management has increased. Almost every business, today have an online community which was not possible before.

The price of establishing an offline community and engaging with them is costly and time consuming. But social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have really made it much easier for businesses. Beyond the usual social media revolution, one of the strongest benefit that social media has done is for businesses and other non-profit organisations to spread out their cause which was not possible before. This is where the whole concept of social media campaign manager comes into play.

Social Media Managers are more like an Offline Community manager with much more in-depth knowledge of the online culture and online technology. He/she should be equipped with know-how of all the online trends, platform knowledge and online tools. Basically he/she should be able to live both online and offline life, which is quite a bit of challenge.

Below are some of the important roles of Social Media Campaign Manager:

1. He/she should be able to communicate the goal of the campaigns and list out the attainable metrics based on which the campaign’s performance will be measured.

2. He/she should be experienced with handling online brand reputation and handle spammers/detractors.

3. He/she needs to have thorough knowledge in all the social media metrics and their value to business.

4. He/she need to know how to run and manager PPC campaign through Google and Facebook and optimize them. This is crucial because social Ads have become an integral part of audience targeting.

5. He/she needs to understand and carry out successful integration of social elements on the website like facebook connect facebook comment etc.

6. He/she should be familiar with all kind of social media tools like campaign management, campaign monitor and be able to decide on right tool for his/her campaign.

7. More importantly, he/she should make sure that the community is always vibrant with discussion and participation.

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