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 Researchers take to Social Media to Vent their Anger

Researchers take to Social Media to Vent their Anger

Research is one of the highest paid professions across the globe. However, the same is not the case when it comes to India. Researchers in India, recently took to a hunger strike, outside Jantar Mantar which was attended by HRD minister, Smriti Irani, promising to meet their demands.
Researchers set social media platform, twitter, on fire with hashtags such as #RIPResearch, #HikeFellowship, #RespectResearcher and more. Following this Arun Jaitley allocated a sum of 150 crore, in the yearly budget, for research developments.
Simplify360 conducted an analysis of this topic’s presence on twitter, and the results were astounding. Take a look at the infograph to know more.
researchers take on govt -twitter
The researchers had only one question in their head. Why did they have to protest, every time they needed a hike in their stipend? Why isn’t there an automatic system for revision just like the bureaucrats get the pay commission to revise their salaries, to keep up with rising inflation, as said by a researcher to the Times of India group.