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 Reducing Customer Support hassle using Social Media

Reducing Customer Support hassle using Social Media

Social Media is undoubtedly the new age method of communication used by professional organizations and companies – big and small, to create a rapport between them and their customers. Each of these services has a singular property of its own which is quite distinct and so they are widely being used by various SMEs.

When it started, Social media dealt with only the marketing aspect of a company. But now it does not only mean making a brand name popular by advertising about it but it is exploring new horizons. The customer support system of a company which is supposed to be a typically physical aspect is being made social. We call it Social Customer Service and it has become an essential part of any company’s Social Media plan. Since the term Social Customer Service itself is a bit cryptic it is mandatory to first find out its meaning and how it would be advantageous for a company.

What is Social Customer Service or support? Whenever we have a doubt or a question about a product, we turn to social media sites, and sometimes to the companies directly. Having such essential social media features to answer customer queries and address grieviances is Social Customer Service.

How does social Media help in making customer support hassle free?

  • In a recent survey, A T Kearney stated that approximately 20% of a company’s complaints come through various social media sites but sadly as many as 70% of them are not addressed because social media is not a part of a company’s SM strategy. If social media is merged into the customer support system of a company, this statistics could easily be reversed.
  • A feedback or a comment that we get from a customer can be direct ,i.e., one which is given on our Facebook page or our Twitter name is mentioned directly in a tweet , or indirect where there is a comment about us or our product in someone’s Facebook wall or a tweet. As a rule, it is sensible to address a direct feedback first as it will be seen by anyone looking for you on the social media platform. Indirect feedback can also be potentially hazardous, especially if it is negative, but it is still less risky since it is hidden to a certain extent. It is important, though, to address any complaint immediately.
  • A very essential part of customer support on social media is response time. Ourrun-of-the-mill support channels like e-mails or web form replies are very slow in responding to a query or complaint where as social media site users expect instantaneous response. So, to be on the right side of your customers, try to respond immediately to carefully manage whatever your customer expects from you.

So, if used prudently, Social Media Channels can help us reap the benefits. We can get an actual feedback from our customers, but for that we have to first gain their trust by building consumer confidence.

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