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 Reasons why you should be talking about social media listening!

Reasons why you should be talking about social media listening!

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We trust and value the opinion of our peers and others more than brand endorsements, advertisements or PR. And since social media is one of the most commonly used medium of communication, it is obvious that it is the preferred mean of sharing and expressing our opinions or feedback about products and brands .
According to an article published by BI in Dec 2013,
• Social media is the top internet activity on the internet; Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media.
• Facebook leads all social media channels with 114 billion minutes a month in the U.S. alone, on desktop PCs and smartphones while Instagram commands 8 billion minutes a month, and Twitter just 5.3 billion. Facebook attracts seven times more engagement than Twitter.
• An interesting thing to note is that the new craze in social media is the multi device engagement.
Let us take a closer look as to why we should be monitoring social media at all.
Brace yourself these numbers might surprise you! 🙂
• Of the total Internet users, 72% are now active on social media.
• Out of the 72%, 89% are aged between 18 and 29 years while another 72% of individuals are aged between 30 to 49
• 50 to 60 years contribute 60% of the total.
• 43% of those 65 years old and above are engaged in social media
• While another 71% of the total access social media from a mobile device
Facebook statistics:
• Users: over 1.15 billion
•  Through“Login with Facebook” feature:  One million webpages can be accessed
• On an average, around 16% of each online hour is spent on Facebook by Americans
• Statistics say that around 70% of marketers of new customers are acquired through Facebook
Twitter statistics:
• Over 550 million registered users and 215 million monthly active users
• A growth rate of 44% was achieved by Twitter between 2012 and 2014.
• 34% of marketers use Twitter for lead generation
Google+ Statistics
• Over 1 billion enabled accounts and 359 million active monthly users
• Has a growth rate of 33% per year
• Usage among people aged 45 to 54 years have increased by 56% since 2012.
Courtesy: Jeff Bullas
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