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 Reasons Why B2B Organizations Are Going Gaga Over Mobile Apps

Reasons Why B2B Organizations Are Going Gaga Over Mobile Apps

Think about it, by 2015 there will be more number of mobile internet users than desktop users. Mobile bandwidth has already surpassed that of home broadband connections. With widespread availability and usage of 4G networks and with data moving on to the cloud, less data storage is required on local devices, allowing devices to deliver other computing tasks faster and better.
While organizations in the B2C space are excited about engaging with customers via consumer apps for smartphones, B2B companies are now gearing up for mobile-based, interruption marketing. B2B organizations feel that mobile apps are the way to go because they realize helps in communicating with customers it also increases brand value and business productivity.
Improving Communication With Customers  
Mobile usage has changed the communication process between brands and customers. B2B companies have realized that the current digital landscape requires communication to reflect customer needs and content used in mobile technology needs to be accessible, in real-time, interactive and consumable. Mobile technology provides B2B organizations with new ways of interacting with their market whether it is through videos, location-based content or rich interactive media.
 Increasing Brand Value and Business Productivity
B2B brands also know that using mobile technologies is not only powerful in creating connections with customers and building brand value; it is also a great tool that improves business productivity. Mobile technology helps B2B enterprises maximize support and value of products and services offered to their customers and distribution partners. It also enables their employees to productively manage workloads. In this way, mobile technologies play an important part in optimizing business processes as well as building brand value. In order to leverage the power of mobile apps, B2B brands need to define business objectives, assess their competition in the market, research the needs of your target market, build a strategic framework and create a roadmap.
 How B2B Brands leverage the power of mobile apps?

  • 1. Define Business Objectives – “Why?”

It is important to identify the underlying growth drivers and market opportunities of your business and gain a clear definition of business objectives. Some of the useful questions that will help in knowing where your business is headed include – Is your brand launching new product lines? Is your company trying to enter a new market? Are you looking to reposition your brand perception in the market? Are you attempting to target a new customer segment? By understanding your business objectives it is possible to develop a mobile strategy round it.
 2. Research Your Target Market– “Who?”
B2B brands need to understand their target market, what their needs are and how they like to interact with your brand in order build mobile marketing solutions. Conduct research and analysis through social media and indentify relevant keywords to your brand.
 3. Assess Competition in the Market –“Who Else?”
It is useful to know what your competitors are doing in the mobile segment. By knowing your brand position and presence in the market, it will provide you with areas in which you need to improve. It will also help in discovering areas unexplored by your competitors in engaging your market through mobile technology.
 4. Build a Strategic Framework – “How?”
Develop a strategic framework by combining the objectives of your business, your customer and your market. In this way, it will be easy to define your investment in mobile strategies and how it can contribute towards business growth.
 5. Create a Roadmap –“What?”
With an action plan and strategic framework in place, you can begin building specific plans to deploy mobile initiatives. Through scoring techniques, you can prioritize those activities that need to start immediately and those that need future development.

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