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 Rappers Wanted – Sing this new ROI rap for us!

Rappers Wanted – Sing this new ROI rap for us!


Every business, every company thinks,

Still their social strategy stinks,

You have followers, you have likes,

But still you can’t see any spikes,

All clients want, is to go viral,

But things always, go down the spiral,

You keep crying ROI… ROI..,

Even when the content is almost wry,

If content creation seems like a burden,

Dude; forget about the word known as “conversion”,

Facebook, Twitter, or SlideShare,

Invest in content, and relax on your chair,

Content trends, if it is not docile,

Especially when it suits mobile,

Brainstorm for a unique hash tag,

Rock twitter or just pack your bag,

 Go to your customers, don’t wait for them,

Or end up like Titanic, if you are not at its helm,

There will be days of joy and sorrow,

Invest in interactions, return will follow,

Next time, when you call your client,

Doesn’t matter how small or if a giant,

Tell them, ROI has changed,

Be sure, don’t talk in fractions,

ROI is now Return on Interactions!!

Social Media ROI – The most talked still least understood term in the social media world. Many would take social media ROI as a metric, but thankfully, it is not. Many people believe that ROI can’t be measured, but thankfully, we can.

Here, we have put up a new definition of ROI – Return On Interactions – We would be glad to hear from you as to what you think about it.

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