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 Punching some numbers on the Facebook Fan Page Moving to the Second Step!

Punching some numbers on the Facebook Fan Page Moving to the Second Step!

Though many brands have realized the importance of a Facebook page, most still fail to find methods to pick up numbers on their pages. A five figure number on the fan count projects a confident image of the firm to a facebook user (who may be a potential client too!) Though it might seem to be a herculean task, achieving this is not as tough as one takes a guess. I believe this might through some light on the issue.

The most traditional way to get a hike on the fan count is through running Facebook ads. The potential of Facebook ads is mostly underestimated by many. Facebook, as a firm earns through ads. To make sure the money is flowing always, facebook is always very conscious about the look and feel of the ad sector of the website, so as to bring more value to the money of the customer (in this case, the ad men!). The ad section provides keen insights and reports on how your page and ads are performing. While running an ad, you can always run a parallel ad to find out which actually earns you better ROI. Two or three combinations can be worked on to find which exactly brings you value!

Besides Ads there is a lot more you can do to increase the fan numbers. Contests always do attract a lot of people to your page! More than even those contests which happen for a long period of time with a heavy price, smaller contests on short periods of time can catch the eyes of the users! But designing the contest in a way it appeals to the users and makes them promote the contest (and the page!) without their knowledge is the trick there! Prizes and Surprises always keep your fans happy and bringing them closer to work as your agents in promoting the page!

Do you know one page can actually like another page??! Many still are ignorant of this feature, where your page can be promoted through some other page (just by liking the other!) which has a lot of fan buzz! This is a cool thing, but many pages which have a lot of traction actually, charge you to do this! But still, a worthy invest can always be done once in a while!

And finally, many people forget to get links of their website on their websites! Not to mention they never promote it directly. There are certain hotels where you get a discount if you are their fan! When they can work like that, promoting your page to your existing customers or potential customers can always be carried out offline too, if you are clever enough!

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