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 Plus Size is beautiful – Fashion Industry’s New Slogan

Plus Size is beautiful – Fashion Industry’s New Slogan

The fashion industry normally displays their collections on skinny and flower to zero sized models, but in recent times the trends seem to have changed. Recently an American plus size clothing retailer – Lane Bryant, created a furore about plus size being beautiful with their social media campaign #ImNoAngel. This was actually a jibe made at Victoria’s Secret, one of the biggest lingerie retailers, for marking the super models Victoria’s Angels symbolising them as beautiful women. The image below is from the collection “Cacique” from Lane Bryant.
This campaign has been launched to ensure every woman feels good about herself irrespective of her appearance/size. Women can look sexy irrespective of the size of clothing they fit into. Ashley Graham, a famous model is the face for this campaign. She talks about beauty that is within and how women should feel that they are beautiful under whatsoever physical appearances.
This campaign also observed a negative sentiment arise, towards the extremely thin people.However, the aim of the campaign was not to prove that plus size women are more beautiful, rather it was just a way to say that beauty has nothing to do with size. This campaign has also been aimed to create a sense of complacency among women and to present themselves in just the way they are rather than masking their real self with an aim to hide their size.
Social Recognition
The campaign has gathered a lot of supporters and has gained momentum pretty fast. The social performance of the campaign is mentioned below-

  • YouTube

The main campaign video designed by Lane Bryant receives great appreciation on YouTube. Here are the statistics that reveal the enormity of this campaign.This campaign already has almost 2 million views with 3,184 shares, within a span of 9 days. This shows the incredibly high support, the campaign has gained through YouTube. Almost 200 people have subscribed to the brand on YouTube alone.
YouTube has also been showered with other videos shared by different people supporting the cause. Ashley Graham has been selected as the plus size model who is featured in the campaign video and also on the website.

  • Twitter

Twitter observed an amazing engagement rate by people supporting the cause, which is evident from the fact that #ImNoAngel had 37,186 mentions in just 30 days backed by a sentiment score of 61. Below are few tweets which show huge level of engagement-
The tweet displayed above has more than 300 re-tweets which shows people actively participated in the discussion and they support the cause the campaign has been launched for.

  • Facebook

Facebook has a very high level of engagement as well, where we observe high responsiveness due to the fact that Lane Bryant has taken to continuously address the issues that the women on their page are sharing. Here are few snippets from Facebook-
Mentioned below is the overall social performance of the campaign #ImNoAngel :
plus4 plus5

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