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 Why People Love SlideShare?

Why People Love SlideShare?

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‘SlideShare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing’. – Forbes
Content was always considered the King of marketing. When Content Marketing has been the next big thing in the market, SlideShare quite evidently bagged it too early. Before anybody else could step into the market, SlideShare had taken the leap and made a mark.
SlideShare is now the world’s largest community for sharing content in the form of presentations, PDFs, videos and even webinars. The community brings in about 60 million visitors and 130 million page views every month. It is rated as the number one content portal spreading information, feeding blogs, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Though there have been many other tools which came later into the market, SlideShare stood out in the crowd as the only portal that gives business solutions that marketers need from such content sharing portals. SlideShare is the friendliest tool to businesses that helps marketers create brand awareness, track visitors and generate leads. These happen to be the three main reasons why people love SlideShare. However, there are other benefits too.
Business benefits that make people love SlideShare:

  • Create brand awareness with the help of unique content.
  • Know if the content is working or not with the help of reports.
  • Generate niche and qualified business leads.
  • Get better ranking on search engines especially Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Drive traffic to the website, blog or social media channels through presentations.
  • Increase the number of followers on social media.
  • Grow email subscriber base.

SlideShare had made efforts to become a B2B portal helping businesses and especially with the business benefits it offers. Forbes said it right when they called SlideShare a Content Marketing giant. Now, let’s sneak into the key features of SlideShare. With SlideShare you can:

  • Share unique presentations with millions of viewers in the community.
  • Upload professional and educational documents and share publicly or personally.
  • Conduct research with the help of resources already available in the portal
  • Get insights for your presentation from millions of presentations existing in the portal.
  • Create a professional network with other businesses or marketers on board.
  • Utilize SlideShare widgets on blogs and websites.
  • Make your content go viral and gain high search rankings.
  • Create SlideCasts to spruce up your webinars, lecturers, slideshows, etc.
  • Collect leads for business through lead generation service.
  • Marketing professionals are relying on SlideShare as a visual marketing channel to reach prospects and customers easy and fast. SlideShare has become a mandate for every visual marketing campaign to generate niche leads. Here are tips that can turn your presentations into a lead generation machine.

Top brands using SlideShare:
Have you been thinking that you are an industry that cannot take advantage of SlideShare? Well, you might want to think about it again. Because, here are five companies from the Fortune 100 list belonging to different industry verticals using SlideShare for various business purposes.
 Cisco Systems
Cisco has joined hands with SlideShare to share research presentations, documents, insightful information and discussions. Cisco has been using the community to get a greater reach and also share valuable information which they cannot otherwise.
SalesForce uses SlideShare as a tool to share new updates about their software of share latest presentations, infographics and eBooks.
SAS, the business leader in business analytics shares presentations on SlideShare which educate their prospects of customers about products and services.
NetApp, one of the data management solutions companies, uses SlideShare to talk about their new products and give insights helpful to customers.
Zappos with the help of SlideShare, creates a personal connect with their customers.
SlideShare has been and will continue to be an advantage for both social and search purposes. It gives businesses an intellectual edge over search engines and tactically build networks on social media channels. It is the easiest channel to upload and share content on different marketing channels. Nevertheless, it is a great lead generation tool that shortens the sales cycle of businesses with its qualified leads. With its intelligent ability to integrate with marketing automation tools, the sales and marketing alignment get easier giving scope for more return on marketing investment.
“Being a SMM product company, social media was the most natural way for us to communicate our brand. And SlideShare was the perfect platform to  execute our vision.” – Deep Sherchan, CMO at Simplify360

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