One million Fans brings 51 comments per post- A Simplify360 finding

Every brand running on Facebook has a dream of achieving a million fans.
So what’s it like for a brand whose fan base is 1 Million? Check out what we found out:
We found out that for a Facebook page (in January 2014) having a 1 Million fan base, the average number of likes it receives on a post is 731 while that of comments is 51.
However, the scenario was a little different in the past. As per our report we found the below:
While making a country wise analysis, we found that Europe fared the best out of the lot and India the worst, have a look at the below:
This trend was observed even for the total fan count of Facebook pages with 1 Million fans:
For more details on the research please check our Slideshare page from here

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  • One reason for this could be that people are using mobiles to LIKE on the go and have no time / inclination to type meaningful comments. Just a thought.

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