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 OLA Cabs leads the social media buzz of radio taxi service providers in India

OLA Cabs leads the social media buzz of radio taxi service providers in India

Ola Cabs has emerged as the winner of the social media share of consumer minds among the radio taxi service providers in India. Ola Cabs has 46% share of voice followed at a far distant second by Meru Cabs with 19% share.
The social media hashtag campaigns may be one of the reasons for the higher share.
But the brand has more consistent buzz even without the hashtag campaign when compared to other players in the industry.
Uber India also despite having social media campaigns were at a distant third in the social media space. Other players like Mega Cabs, Easycabs and TAB cabs fared poorly with barely half a thousand mentions in a month.
The study also throws up interesting observations like 33% of the users of Merucab users were unsatisfied.
They have a very high negative sentiment towards the brand. This has led to the creation of hate accounts on Twitter. The list does not end here. Easycabs and Taxiforsure has 38% and 37% negative sentiments respectively. Ola Cabs and Uber India has high positive sentiments of 22% positive sentiments each while Mega Cabs has 25% positive sentiments. “Since the industry is purely a service based industry the percentage of unsatisfied customers may be high” remarks Gin Vanglian, head of research at Simplify360. “The negative sentiment is fairly high in other service based sectors also. For example the percentage of negative sentiments in the Telecom and banking sector also ranges from 20 to 30 percent”.
Other interesting insights:

  •  Uber has the largest fan base on Facebook. This may be due to its international presence. Fan size of Uber is 170 times that of Easy Cabs.
  •  Ola is the most followed radio taxi service provider on Twitter.
  • Males are more likely to talk about cabs than female.
  • Youths tend to talk more about taxi services as compared to elder age group.
  •  80% of the buzz around Radio taxi service providers is on Twitter.
  • Ola and Uber have city specific Twitter handles.
  • Ola and Meru have dedicated support handles on Twitter – @support_ola and @meru_cares.

Check the detailed report here.

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