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 NYU Stern partners with Simplify360 for Superbowl Advertising Research

NYU Stern partners with Simplify360 for Superbowl Advertising Research

NYU Stern partners with Simplify360
Researchers from New York University’s Stern School of Business  have recently partnered with Simplify360 to conduct joint work about the Superbowl and other major sporting events. Their partnership is focused on bringing cutting-edge scientific research methods to analysing complex patterns of Social Media discussion, and the impact of chatter on advertising performance.
Simplify360 Platform will be used to monitor the online conversations in the user generated content space, including (but not limited to) Twitter and Facebook. The research will start with some of the fundamental questions that the research will work to answer include:

  1. How do people react to advertisements during the Superbowl?
  2. Is there an effect of team winning or losing on advertiser impact?
  3. Beyond buzz, which ads were genuinely high-performing for long run impact?
  4. Why did some ads fail to get traction?
  5. What is the behaviour of people discussing different brands? Does the match of the ad sentiment with the brand image matter?

NYU Professor Arun Sundararajan is spearheading this research in collaboration with doctoral candidate Tingting Nian. Arun says,  “We are enthusiastic about the partnership with the Simplify360 Research team. We collaborate selectively with industry leaders when it enables scientific research that transcends simple commercial benefit.”
“Our research will eventually shed light on the human behaviour that drives social media chatter, taking analysis in this space beyond rankings and polarity counts, and bringing a rigorous brand framework into the picture. More details when the reports are out. Let’s not pre-empt the empirical findings,” he adds.
Simplify360 CEO Bhupendra Khanal is equally excited about the partnership. He says, “We live with data and analytics, and have good focus on leadership through innovation. This is a part of broader approach of partnership with Academic World for deeper research that does not get good focus inside the company labs”.
“There is lot to be done in research in Sports industry, and there can be no better data than natural buzz in Social Media. Simplify360 is excited to work with the NYU here. I am hopeful advertisers get good value out of the research.”

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