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 New Release: Fresh New Features and UI upgrades on Simplify360

New Release: Fresh New Features and UI upgrades on Simplify360

Simplify360 has kick started 2014 with amazing new features and upgrades. The features has already been rolled out and you will be able to use them immediately. In case you have any doubts on the new features, we would encourage you to request for a webinar session here.

  1. Revamped User Interface for Publishing.
  2. More access control for your CRM team members.
  3. LinkedIn Company Page Integration
  4. Brand new Summary Dashboard
  5. Fresh UI for Filters
  6. New Features on Widgets Design
  7. Introduction of Smart Inbox

1. Keep track of all your scheduled Messages

Social Media Publishing

The new interface allows you to view and filter your messages in a better way. Now you don’t have to click multiple dates to view all your messages, you get to see them in one go. Re-scheduling your old messages is just a click away.
You can also view all your pending messages in a new tab called PENDING messages. Along side the message, you can approve, reject or edit the messages.
2. Let your teams have the right control
Simplify360 CRM Features
With multiple task being assigned and worked on, most team members are confused on different levels of control they have over a task. Can I re-assign this, can I reply to this? All these doubts will now be cleared with the new control settings in a profile where admin can give proper control access to each team members. This will certainly reduce confusion and improve productivity.
3. Much awaited!! LinkedIn Company is here.
LinkedIn Management
The new release now allows you to integrate your LinkedIn company profile. Now your can track and publish content to your LinkedIn company profile using Simplify360. This will definitely allow you to leverage the brand new publisher to manage your LinkedIn Company page effectively.
4. All important metrics in one place.

 Simplify360 Dashboard

This is a treat for all the social media managers, because you can view all the important metrics in a beautifully laid out graphs and charts. This is available by default in all your keyword profiles.
5. Access Filters from anywhere.

  Social Media Filters

Filter is one of the most important functionality on Listening section. Using filters, you can segment your conversations and get the most relevant conversation with a click on button. Hence we have changed its position on the right-hand side so that the interface doesn’t limit your viewing scope of your message and still use the filters from anywhere.
6. Build your own Widget !
Simplify360 Widgets
Widget was introduced in our last release and many of you must have used it to generate leads or gain feedback from your website. The upgrades provides full control over the look and feel of your widget. And if you have a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge, you can customise your form completely.
7.  Smart Inbox will make you smart. 
Simplify360 SmartInbox
The smart inbox is now introduced in your message section. This is the step towards making your message section a complete CRM enabled place for customer service. Using smart inbox, you can mange your task and keep close watch of your pending task. Use it to have complete control over your message.
These new features are just starting as we are about to roll more new features for both marketing and CRM use cases. These new features are envisioned to make Simplify360 the complete stand-alone platform for your social media management.

If you are interested to know more, please request for a demo.

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