New feature in Simplify360 allows customer service manager to control outgoing responses

It is of utmost importance for brands to make sure that their community managers and customer service agents are sending out the right communication. In lot of cases, the failure to keep a check on Tweets or Facebook updates have resulted in huge brand failure.
Keeping a manager or an admin to approve every out going messages is not an efficient solution when there are hundreds of tweets being updated every day. Moreover, in some critical cases the failure to respond at the nick of time can be costly. The approval process can delay such responses.
The right strategy is to effectively communicate brand guidelines to all the team members and make sure that they follow those guidelines. In order to make sure that the guidelines are maintained, you need a system that can keep a check on all the outgoing messages and alert customer agents and community managers prior to publishing them.
The new feature in Simplify360 allows you to do control all your outgoing messages. No need to approve messages before sending. The new feature called  “STOP WORDS” will help you restrict words that should not be mentioned in any message. This can only be set by the admin and members cannot edit it.
You can define set of STOP words in settings of Publishing console. This makes sure that whenever you try to create a message that contains those keywords, an ALERT will be prompted.

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