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 New Airtel Boss TVC: Gender debate agitated?

New Airtel Boss TVC: Gender debate agitated?

Image credits: YouTube
Image credits: YouTube

The Airtel’s new TVC features an urban couple who work at the same office, the wife being the boss of the husband. The ad opens with a scene where a woman orders her juniors to work on an important task. While the boss leaves the office, the other employees stay back late to finish off the assigned work. On reaching home, the woman cooks her husband’s favorite meal for dinner. She tempts her husband to return home by showing him what specials she cooked for him though an Airtel 3G video chat.
Airtel has been successful in touching the right chords. The concept, the flow and the execution is smooth. Right after the ad launch, it got people talking- and social media is no exception. Many people are tagging the ad being a sexist one, where a woman no matter what position she attains in her professional space still has to cook meals for her family. Or the ad being in the motion that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. While another section got to talk that woman are more efficient than man and can multitask.
Nonetheless, an interesting thing to note is that the majority of people expressing their views are not taking any sides; rather 81% of the social media buzz is of neutral nature, 16% loved the ad and around 3% people didn’t appreciate the TVC.
Here is a detailed analysis of the social media buzz:
Airtel Boss Ad-social media analyis-simplify360
Did you find the ad sexist?
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