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 NaMo beats Kejriwal and tops the Social Media Buzz- January 2014

NaMo beats Kejriwal and tops the Social Media Buzz- January 2014

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Arvind Kejriwal made it to the Top list of Politicians in December after he made huge strides in Delhi State Elections. Modi has come back and beat Kejriwal, and has reclaimed his top slot in Social Media Buzz. Indian Congress and Rahul Gandhi has improved too. The fight of Indian Assembly Elections in Social Media is getting interesting.
Few findings in January’s social media buzz:

  • 25% increase in social media buzz on elections and politics in January compared to December last year.
  • BJP wins big on social media; Congress catching up, AAP losing out.
  • Backlash of drama led by AAP with the hashtag #AAPDrama and Rahul Gandhi’s interview were most talked.
  • Narendra Modi back to No.1 position while Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi following closely.
  • Sheila Dikshit is the least favoured politician and AP is the least favored party.

The Top 10 politicians in January:
The Top 10 political parties in January:
Delhi tops the list of states talking about Indian elections followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Check out the detailed analysis and all the social media action that took place this January: