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 The Most Social Telecom Companies in India

The Most Social Telecom Companies in India

Telecommunication network in India is the second largest in the world. Vast number of telecom networks and immense competition between them accounts for India having the lowest call tariffs.
We tried to figure out which are the top social telecom brands on social media. In our analysis, we used Simplify360’s proprietary listening tool to collect data and counting the number of mentions for each company. A total of 12 companies operating in India were considered in the analysis. The parameters considered for Twitter and Facebook were also gathered through Simplify360. For brands having multiple Twitter profiles their main official account is taken into consideration. In the analysis, a score called SSI (Simplify360 Social Index) is used for rating. SSI is a function of buzz score, Facebook engagement score and Twitter engagement score.
In our analysis, we found that Airtel to be the most social telecom company in India because of their high SSI due to their high social media buzz score and high activity on Twitter. Airtel is also the most mentioned brand follwed by Vodafone and Idea. You might be interested to know that Airtel alone accounted for 37% of the total share of mentions of telecom brands on social media in the month of March 2014.
On Facebook, in terms of fan base and engagement, Idea and Aircel top the list whereas Tata docomo has the highest share of fans (37% of the total).
While on Twitter, Vodafone is the top performer both in terms of number of mentions as well as number of followers.
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