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For someone who is new to the world of Social Media Monitoring, the entire process might get very confusing. Considering the fact that there is unending information and conversations happening in the world of Social Media, the very decision of where to begin might be a little confusing. However, it is also important to keep note of where your name has been mentioned and how is the online world favoring you, especially when you are a brand or a well known personality.
With the invention of tools which help you curate such form of data with ease, social media monitoring might not be as difficult as one imagines it to be. All one needs to be aware of in this case, is whether there are any new tools which make data mining easier, if the tool you already use has been upgraded or are there are newer dimensions that one needs to focus on while monitoring social media information.
The basic aim of Social Media research is to listen to all kinds of conversations that include your brands name. This could be in the form of mentions, a hashtag, a comment on a post that you had done on some social media website and more. What makes the process seem complicated is the fact that the World Wide Web is too huge and the mention that you are looking for might have been done from some other remote corner of the world. Do not fret! We have better news for you. Development of web tracking software such as Simplify 360 enables one to easily listen to your audience as well as monitor latest trends.
How is your brand performing?
So you thought it is enough to simply be present on social media channels and post an update once in a while. With social media becoming the most celebrated space for customer engagement, it is not just necessary to make your presence felt, but also necessary to keep track of whatever is been spoken about your brand. Also social media is the perfect place to figure out what your customers are looking for, what are your competitors doing, are your customers happy with your service and more.
Social Media is one space which cannot be taken lightly, as once a customer starts speaking bad about your brand, the fire only keeps spreading. It is therefore thoughtful to rather monitor what is been spoken about you and take control of situations before it gets worse. Also it is necessary to make your customers felt personally heard and this requires timely responses to their messages, comments, complaints and more. It is interesting, that the social media world has become so big that it requires an entire support team dedicated only to attend people’s queries on social media.
What is the public talking about the rest?
Well as harsh as it may sound, the story does not end with just taking care of your own brand. It is also necessary that you stay updated about what your competitors are doing. It is only when you know your competitors strength well, will you be able to perform better than them.
Social media in that case is a great platform to stay aware about what are the consumers speaking about your competitors, how well are they accepting the newest releases from your competitors and more. Monitoring your competitor’s performance on social media also helps you understand their strategy better and helps you make improvements on your strategy likewise.
Let’s talk about industry trends for a while. Being a trend setter is a good thing, but how do we know whether the idea is going to work or not? It is therefore better to first be aware about what is being demanded by the industry, be a part of the trending topics and then create your own trend keeping in mind the audience you want to target.
Effective Advertising and Marketing
The social media space is filled with impulse buyers. All it takes is keeping track of their searches, their conversations, comments on product announcements, their views about your brand and more. This helps in targeting the right audience through effective communication channels. This can be done by listening to what your competitors are talking about you as well as your competitors, and on which social media channel. Online channels also offer you the opportunity to test run your products and based on the sentiment shown by your audience you can easily determine whether to go viral with your product or not.
For example, based on the pages liked and the posts most read by the owner of a Facebook profile, targeted advertisements appear on their page.
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Search Engine Optimization
If you are looking into optimizing the content you publish at various online spaces, the best way to go about it would be keeping track of social media behavior. This is the best space to find which words are getting maximum attention, which are the most used hashtags, the trending industry related search words and more. This enables you to monitor selected keywords, which can be innovatively weaved into the future content pieces as well as keep up with the search engine changes. This in return allows your brand to get better rankings and more coverage.

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