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 When Modi met Abe in Japan

When Modi met Abe in Japan

It was quite a moment when both the PMs greeted each other with a warm hug. Narendra Modi’s 5-day visit to Japan to extend political and economic ties with the Asian giant was quite a memorable one for various reasons. The visit seems promising and could help boost the Indian economy.
The visit generated the most excitement from India, which contributes to 58% of the total social media buzz from across the world. USA stands second with 9.2% followed by Japan at 6.7%. It has been observed that most of the conversations happened without the use of any hashtags. These conversations were driven by official Twitter accounts of PMOIndia, IndianDiplomacy, NarendraModi and AbeShinzo. Nonetheless the top hashtag that was used for conversation is #ModiInJapan.
#ModiInJapan has been mentioned more than 5.8K and the event generated over 3 Million conversations in the last 7 days. Around 68% people have expressed their positive feelings about the meet against the 5% negative ones.
Twitter contributed to the maximum buzz with around 87% when compared with other social channels.
Japanese Prime Minister @abeshinzo has been mentioned 52k times in the last 7 days while @narendramodi has been mentioned 208k times.
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