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 Modi fumes social media wave in his Australia visit.

Modi fumes social media wave in his Australia visit.

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Narendra Modi continued to make headlines on newspapers on his 5-day visit to Australia. He is the first Indian PM to have visited Australia in 28 years. Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia acknowledged the fact that he has never seen another leader who has received such warm welcome from his countrymen. The chants of ‘Modi’ were everywhere. At Sydney, more than 16,000 people attended his first only public lecture organized by Indian Australian Community Foundation.
The Modi wave continued to blow on social media and total mentions of Modi in Australia has been over 254K times in the last 3 days. The most common hashtag to be used is #ModiInAustralia with around 64K in the last 3 days alone. The most talked about topics has been #ModiMagic, Selfie, India, SydneyStorm and ModiExpress. Interestingly, most of these conversations are of positive nature accounting almost 67%, while 28% is neutral and only 5% negative. 85% conversations have been in English and around 5% in Hindi. The age-group of 20-30 has been the most active on talking about on the topic with around 55%, followed by the age group 31-40 years accounting 24% of the total conversations. Once again male seemed to be more interested in the topic and 88% of the conversations were generated from them. Geographically, India created most of the social buzz standing at 46%, followed by US at 12% and Australia at 7%.
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