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 Modi and BJP maintains lead, Congress overtakes AAP this March: Simplify360 report

Modi and BJP maintains lead, Congress overtakes AAP this March: Simplify360 report

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While more than 840 million voters are set to decide the fate of India’s top politicians in the world’s largest democratic exercise, there’s a clear winner as far as the social media is concerned – BJP’s prime ministerial hopeful Narendra Modi.
According to the Social Media Buzz report for the month of March by online analytics firm Simplify360, Modi was the most popular politician with an SSI score of 76. Simplify360 Social Index (SSI) for politics takes into account four parameters – awareness, spread, prominence and favourability.
The report analyzed more than 58 crore social media conversations in the last four months.
The other key findings of the report were:

  • Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi were the top 3 most talked about politicians.
  • With the polling dates coming closer, popularity of most of the politicians is increasing.
  • BJP, Congress and AAP maintained their leadership on social media.
  • BJP scored the highest on social media followed by INC and AAP
  • Despite scoring the highest on social media, BJP is among the top 3 least favored political party while Congress is among the top 3 most favored political party.
  • On an average there were 43 lacs conversations per day on Indian politics on social media.

Delhi continues to top the states talking about politics and elections followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka. The three states have continuously led the buzz share in the last three month.
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While the Top 6 political parties are:
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