Measuring Social Media Marketing : Channel Analytics

Measuring Social Media Marketing : Channel Analytics

Channels or in other words, social profiles have become an important portal through which businesses are announcing updates and engaging with customers. Just like any channel like Newspaper, Radio or Television, online profiles are also a branded channel that customers subscribe or tune to for information.

Simplify360 helps you to measure the efficiency of your channels and know your influence level and engagement level. Simplify360 has a propriety scoring method through which each profile are scored based on their activity such as mentions, updates, retweets, likes, comments etc.

Simply360 gives a detailed profile analysis for your twitter id. In addition to the basic statistics, Simplify360 gives you engagement and influence score which changes is updated regularly.

You can find the trend in your followers, followings and unfollowing. Also you can view your trend in activity like trend in updates and retweets.

You can also view your tweets based on the retweets and your top fans based on the engagement.In addition to your activities, Simplify360 also shows your demographics details and age/sex group distribution.

This helps you see the success of your activities and reach of your channel. You can also view the cloud words of the interest of your network based on bio details of followers and followings.

Similarly, Simplify360 gives indepth analysis of your facebook profiles, like Active Users and the distribution of fan demographics.

By using Channel Analytics, you are making sure that all your effort are gone into improving your social media channel and its reach to the target audience.