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 Measuring ROI of Social Media Campaign

Measuring ROI of Social Media Campaign

Return of Investment is the most difficult aspect of Social Media Campaign. This is due to the fact that there are lots of metrics and intangible elements in social media that are difficult to trace. This makes the whole ROI matter of Social Media interesting and complicated at the same time.

Using Simplify360, you will be able to easily trace your social media activities and group them according to the campaigns. This makes it easy to measure the performance of your activity and knows the response in the market.

You can define the goal of the campaign in terms of traffic expected and monetary value for each click. This way every activity gets measured in terms of the traffic and gets translated to monetary benefit. Campaign ROI can be also an adjusted value based on your desire.

Inside the campaign, you can perform task such as scheduling, polling, URL tracking and Email campaign and get individual analytics dashboard.

You can check the daily and hourly distribution of response on your campaign and then check out which of your content or update was more popular.

You can get insights about your current polls and social status of your blog post in terms of shares, likes and bookmarks.

You can view the details of the opened mails from your email campaign and the daily visit to your website through google analytics integration.

This way, with whole lot of social metrics and real value metrics mixed together, Simplify360 provides the best platform for you to keep track of your social media campaigns and build your performance.

By using Simplify360, you can have an edge you your whole social media campaign and the way you will start looking at social media. Though social media is more of engagement and interaction, without effective campaign monitor, you will be lost and get overwhelmed by the metrics. Simplify360 will help you simplify that.