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 The Making of The Indian Silicon Valley

The Making of The Indian Silicon Valley

A place known for its beautiful gardens and greenery, suddenly received a nickname which was more powerful, “Silicon Valley of India”. Although the transformation took a while, it’s inception started back the days when a ‘Vassal’ of the Vijayanagar Empire Kempe Gowda started looking at Bangalore from a more modern perspective. The penetration of software companies, started in 1970 when Bangalore developed its first IT park, over a spread of 335 acres of land.
Since then Bangalore has been only growing and becoming a bigger valley. It is the home to most IT engineers in India and it constitutes the highest number of IT companies. However, what has remained sacrosanct is the beauty of the place, the greenery still persists! Wipro being the first company to start an endeavor in India, the process has never ceased since then.
Take a look at the infograph below to understand how Bangalore transformed from a nothing to the city for the IT Gurus! Here’s how the story of Indian Silicon Valley unfurls.
Bangalore Infograph

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