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 Why We Love Monitoring (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Monitoring (And You Should, Too!)

Most of us generally start a day by picking up a news paper or visiting a local/international news site. If you are a sports fan, you would probably read about the latest buzz around the sports tournaments and match results. If you are a movie buff, you would want to check the latest movie release and gossips. If you are a business owner, you would probably read about latest business news, policies and events happening around you.
At Simplify360, we generally start our day by logging in to our social media monitoring dashboard account, which has been customised to our interest. From the latest business stories, to buzzing stories in social network, we get to view everything in one shot. It saves our time and gives us bird’s eye view of what’s happening around. In addition to knowing about the trends, we also use it to track on day to day basis our marketing efforts and the performance of our content. Not to mention that we have a content driven marketing strategy.
Listening to social signals is at the core of Simplify360 culture. Our adoption of social media listening has helped us co-create with the online audience and add value to our industry. Here are few reasons why we love monitoring.
1 You can feel the pulse of the world citizens
Listening to social media buzz from around the world pushes you at the centre of the action and makes you feel involved. It could be a general discussion around politics or health care or education or technology. Most people feel that being connected to internet 24/7 is actually disconnecting from the real world. But instead, being connected to the internet can provide you the most powerful perspectives of what is happening.
2 Coming up with creative ideas
While we listen to various topics and industries on social media. We keep stumbling on new concepts and ideas which allow us to improvise our own work. It could be a simple MEME going viral or an inspirational blog post. Our encounter with new ideas keeps our creative thinking process sharp and fresh. Understanding this world of remix has empowered us to create many interesting contents, campaigns and product features.
3 The most creative and important people is just a click away
Today you can reach out to the most important person on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook. Monitoring relevant conversations around our business, allows us to keep track of these influencers and create opportunity for us to engage. It might be something you disagree or agree with them but the ability to engage in the nick of time when they are active on social media can be powerful.
4 Keep in touch with your professional networks
Email has certainly become an old-fashioned way to communicate. Not to mention that they are still relevant. But for a quick catch up and interaction, email is a thing of past. Now, 140 characters on Twitter is the best way to ask for a help or get a quick tip from your professional network. Using social media to monitor your professional networks and using it for daily activity can prove fruitful for your business.
5 Discovering few laughs will not hurt
Internet is full of whimsical people and for a while you might feel like you are in an amusement park. Due to our close involvement with the social buzz, our team often encounters content or concepts which immediately brighten our day. These encounters can sometime be quickly converted to future ideas.
Besides having an immense impact in our daily work and affecting our business, social media listening is a basic cultural code at simplify360. Our adoption of the process is not something out of book, but a natural way how people are shaping their lives with technology.
If every businesses can start listening and implementing the idea to the core business functions, we can have a healthy business environment full of new ideas, innovations and opportunities.

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