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 Did you know about the 'Locked' message feature on Simplify360?

Did you know about the 'Locked' message feature on Simplify360?

Want to send a private message to an important lead on Twitter or Facebook? Select the LOCK option while replying and only that person will be able to view your message.
Here is how…
LOCKED message will only appear when you try to reply to messages being tracked under PROFILE. This is not applicable to messages streaming from your Twitter or Facebook Channels.
When you enable LOCKED switch, the UI will show extra text box where you will have to type in the message. This will contain {URL} tag, which should not be deleted, because when this Tweet/ comment is shared the URL will redirect the user to the original message content in the Actual Message text box.
The only difference compared to a long message is that in LOCKED messages the user has to authenticate his/her Twitter handle or Facebook profile to open the message and only if the ID matches with the one to whom the tweet was replied to, he/she can open the content.

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