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 Junior Malanda's death : Social Media Tributes

Junior Malanda's death : Social Media Tributes

The football world was taken aback by the shocking news that transpired last evening.
Wolfsburg FC midfielder Junior Malanda is no more. The 20 year old, touted to be next big thing in defensive midfield tragically succumbed to injuries in a car crash that saw the rest of the people in the car with him make it out alive.
The death of a sportsman is always more hard hitting especially when the deceased in the question is someone so young, and full of promise.
Junior Malanda was on his way to becoming one of the world’s top players in his trade, but life just as football is unpredictable.
The official Wolfsburg FC Facebook page poured their hearts out in a long and emotional message to the man that once wore their colours.

14 hrs · 
Der VfL Wolfsburg trauert um Junior Malanda. Der 20-jährige Belgier kam am Samstagnachmittag bei einem Verkehrsunfall ums Leben. Der geplante Abflug der Mannschaft am Abend ins Trainingslager nach Südafrika wurde vorerst abgesagt. Rund um die Volkswagen Arena kamen etliche Fans zusammen, um gemeinsam um den Mittelfeldspieler zu trauern.
„Wir sind alle zutiefst bestürzt und können unsere Fassungslosigkeit kaum in Worte fassen. Wir alle haben ihn geliebt. Er war der gute Geist unserer Mannschaft und ein lebenslustiger Mensch. Darüber hinaus war Junior ein exzellenter Fußballer, der erst ganz am Anfang seiner Entwicklung stand. Wir können immer noch nicht glauben, dass er nicht mehr bei uns ist. Unsere Gedanken sind in diesen schweren Stunden bei seiner Familie und seinen Angehörigen“, sagte VfL-Geschäftsführer Klaus Allofs.

VfL Wolfsburg mourns junior Malanda. The 20-year old Belgian came on Saturday afternoon in a traffic accident. The planned departure of the team in the evening in the training camp after South Africa was cancelled for the time being. Around the Volkswagen Arena some fans came together to mourn together to the midfielder.“We are all deeply upset and can take our disbelief in words. We all loved him. He was the good spirit of our team and a fun-loving person. In addition, junior was an excellent football player who stood at the beginning of its development. We can not still believe that he is no longer with us. Our thoughts are in these difficult hours with his family and his relatives’, VfL, Managing Director of Klaus Allofs said.
Wolfsburg's official page had this posted.
Wolfsburg’s official page had this posted.

Christian Benteke, the Belgian international and Aston Villa striker vented out his grief on his official facebook page.

[French] RIP junior que Dieu t ouvre les portes du paradismes sincères condoléances a la famille dans cette très lourde épreuve.

[English] RIP Junior. Hope that God opens the doors of paradise ! Sincere condolences to the family in this very difficult trial.
The official Facebook page of the Belgian national football team put up this picture in tribute to the 20 year old.
To think, he would have been one of the influential players in the 2018 FIFA world cup campaign for the “Red Devils”.

RIP Junior Malanda ‪#‎tousensemble‬


From the official Belgian Red Devils page.
From the official Belgian Red Devils page.

Axel Witsel, the Belgian International and Zenit midfield destroyer joined in with his message. He also shared the picture posted by the Belgian Red Devil page.
Axel Witsel 
May God rest your soul…‪#‎RIPMalanda‬
Kevin De Bruyne, the former Chelsea star and Belgian International posted this an hour ago from his official Facebook page.
Kevin De Bruyne
Last picture together… We will miss you mon petit
Junior Malanda 3
He posted this yesterday.
Kevin De Bruyne
So strange to hear your friend in the morning and then hear this news. Lost a great friend way too early. Rest in peace my friend. You will always be around!!
Junior Malanda 4
Belgian and Everton striker Romelu Lukaku simply changed his profile picture to this :
Romelu Lukaku changed his profile picture.
junior malanda 5
Junior Malanda’s death is shocking to say the least.

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