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 Is Google+ gearing up to be the next Top Social Media network?

Is Google+ gearing up to be the next Top Social Media network?

Google+, a social network introduced by Google in 2011, won no laurels and neither did many people like it. But with the each passing day, Google+ has improved to now become a network bigger than Twitter. Google Plus unique features are making it special and happening on social media. Google+ now supposedly has a great user base. Google pulled this off starting with the able online writers and then shifting its target to local businesses. Later it spread its target horizon to all professions.

Here is what Google+ has been doing to cut through the clutter and become the top social media network…
Google Plus Incorporation:
Chrome, Android, Play Store, Maps, Gmail, Docs, YouTube, Search, Gchat, Calendar so on and so forth, Google has many applications that prove to be of great help to the users. Millions of users use all these every day as part of their daily routine. So, when Google plus is integrated with these applications, users do not have to leave Google for social networking
Google+ Hangouts:
No other social network did ever come up with Google+ hangouts in which up to 9 people can video chat, all at once while other networking sites were confined to texting and chatting. It also gives access to work on Google Docs simultaneously. Most businesses who are partnering with overseas companies are incorporating Google+ in order to get in touch with partners. Using hangouts, you can create art, share YouTube videos and play games.
Google Plus Circles:
Every friend falls under a particular category. Under a generic example we can say you have friends from school, from college, graduation, and colleagues and family. So you can sort out and circles based on the circle under which the new connection falls under. To avoid procrastination, Google+ made it mandatory to add a new connection into a circle once the person accepts the request.
Google Search Rankings:
Businesses which are striving to get good scores on page ranking can take advantage of the Google plus. Google Search pulls the business profile or page setup on Google+. If you are in business and looking out for higher search engine rankings, you ought to try out Google plus.
Google Plus Sharing:
Unlike Facebook, where you need to go to external links and then share something on the website, you can share it easily on Google+ using the share button. You can search for something on Google plus and share it from there instead messing up with tabs.
Google+ Events:
When business is conducting events, Google plus is the right medium to get in touch with niche audience. Google+ plus gives you access to send customized invitations through the network making it easy. It is integrated perfectly with Maps and Calendar and the business knows if a person accepts the invitation.
Titbits on using Google+:
·         Give link of your Google + profile on your blog posts making it easy to share
·         Give back links from your Google+ profile to your blog or websites
·         Include keyword based on your business in your About page of Google+
·         Post unique content consistently to go climb up the search engine
Collating all these, it is factual that Google Plus is going to be the next thing on Social network. It is already in-line with the top guns it just takes little time to beat out all the others and grab the King’s arm chair. So you better get started and keep rolling…

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