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 #InternationalDanceDay: A day to mark your moves!

#InternationalDanceDay: A day to mark your moves!

Dance, people say is a way to express, whether it is emotion or talent, that depends completely on the individual as well as the mood of the situation. However, as it has always been quoted, ‘dance is beautiful’.Today, the volume of dancer across the world has increased by a great number. People are passionate about dancing and are even taking it up as their profession or so to say, the first and only choice of profession.
In India, the bollywood industry has a huge role to play in popularizing dance. In the initial stages, dance was limited to the sophisticated, slowly it started to be counted as an extra curriculum activity and eventually it has become a highly paid profession.
The International Dance Day introduced in 1982, stands as a day to celebrate the joy of dancing. It inspires people to dance not just as a passion but for its various other benefits, such as stress buster, fitness exercise and more. This day has been highly appreciated on social media and the results are in the infograph below.

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