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 Indian Consumers say No to Blackberry

Indian Consumers say No to Blackberry

Blackberry may have boasted 1 million sales of Blackberry 10 devices globally, the handset makers declining market share in India is expected to continue.

Blackberry Social Media Report

According to the report we have found that 65% of the audience has negative sentiment towards the brand.

Though Blackberry received considerable attention of the online social media users, the buzz were predominantly not in favour of the brand. The staggering price of Rs. 43,490 at the time of launch was one of the reason behind the negative reaction of consumer towards the brand. Only 11% indicated that they are likely to buy and 7% of them indicated that they are eager to buy the new Blackberry Q10.

63% of those using blackberry would not recommend it to others. 12% of those using the phone are likely to switch to other brands. “Blackberry keeps crashing. Time to move on? #Samsung S4 vs #Blackberry Q10 vs #iPhone 5”, tweeted one agitated Blackberry user.

One in every four user of Blackberry are likely to recommend others to use the phone. “One can never understand the power of a #Blackberry phone till he/she uses it to its maximum potential. I so love it” tweeted Yatin Gupta, a loyal user. [Link:]

While other players like Samsung and Apple has clearly eaten into the once number one position in the Smartphone category held by Blackberry, consumer sentiments in social media gave a clear indication that Blackberry has a long way to go to regain its lost glory.

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